Simple, affordable and fun! DP is the evolution in manual die cutting and embossing.

Diamond Press
Diamond Press

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Foil Kit Tutorial

Diamond Press is excited to announce our new Foil Kits. 

Check out this awesome tutorial!


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A little about Diamond Press

Our Products


From the smallest project to the elaborate masterpiece, the Diamond Press effortlessly transforms plain and ordinary into elegant and beautiful with nothing more than a little creativity and a simple turn of the handle. From every kit, to every machine our goal is to help you, make something great. 

More than Just a Company


The Diamond Press features an assortment of dies and embossing patterns/textures, as well as stamps and ink pads. It also works well with other brand dies, making your creative possibilities endless. In other words, do more with 2” than ever before.

Make Something Great


The Diamond Press makes it easier than ever to put a personal, artistic touch on all your DIY projects. After all, creative ideas may start with the imagination, but they certainly weren’t meant to stay there.